April 29, 2011

Take 90 seconds and consider how your words shape your world.  We can all use a reminder to be compassionate and to cultivate gratitude.

I loved this!

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I saw it first on Eat Me Daily, where they commented on all the food references. Regardless of how you feel about Lady Gaga, there is something in this video for everyone. I thought the jail scene was spectacular, but it was nothing compared to the kitchen scene where they are talking on lettuce-phones and baguette-phones-LOVE!

There are so many other pop culture references that I don’t even know where to begin. Don’t think I won’t be doing my homework to investigate, though. Enjoy!

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Hace poco, me compré un nuevo par de medias para esquiar, y me hizo sonreir la garantía de la compañía Fox River. ¡¡Más líos no necesito!! Ji jiiii…

I actually spell pretty well, but I am nevertheless TOTALLY planning to buy this in poster format. Have a peek at three good reasons (plus a bonus barfing-panda reason!) why I would like to adorn my office with this awesomeness:

And, the barfing-panda bonus:

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Wow! Four days to viral!
Here’s a visual treat from a previously unknown filmmaker, made for less than $300, and already being clamored for by Hollywood bigwigs…

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99-cent iPhone PicTranslator

November 10, 2009

This is incredible! With PicTranslator, you snap a photo of any text written in a language other than English, and your iPhone will translate it for you. Not only that, for many languages, it will even tell you how to pronounce what you have found!

It’s a bit slow, at up to a minute or so per short translation, and you must have internet access, but this is astounding technology.

I don’t have an iPhone….but F does! I’m already imagining uses for travel: menus, newspapers, maps, gossip magazines, instructions, street signs…Check it out!

via Eat Me Daily

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