Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck

November 10, 2010

I thought this was quite funny, and brilliantly done–I watched it twice! Especially chuckle-worthy is the premise of the video’s context alongside the fact that Glenn Beck reportedly earned 32 million dollars last year. Yep, $32,000,000.00. “Do you feel like you’re working harder and harder these days just to stay financially afloat while fat cats are getting richer and richer? Well, it’s not just a feeling, and you’re not alone…” Heh.

The readers’ comments on the blog post where I found the video are also interesting and insightful. For example, did you know that Glenn Beck is a year younger than Johnny Depp?

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This one is for my research-publishing friends…

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Love those simple solutions

November 8, 2010

Hate drill-dust? Here’s a fabulous solution using a Post-It note that I wish I would have invented myself:

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The Anaesthetists Hymn

June 21, 2010

Pretty cute, I’ve heard it’s not entirely inaccurate!

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This may help explain it…

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Well, I’m afraid this video may have a few… In any event, this was still pretty darn funny…

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Are you tired of not being able to communicated with your Spanish-speaking help, but can’t afford to hire people who expect a decent wage? This class is for you!
This video has been around for a long time, but I saw it again today. The sad part? I know more than a few folks like this…Comemierdas, indeed!

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