May 11, 2011

Saw this on someone’s FB page today, and it sounds like an excellent plan to me! The guys never cry about this stuff, do they?

“VERANO. Expirado el plazo de la “operación bikini” arrancamos con la “operación burkini”, mucho más asequible.”

Watch it wiggle

May 1, 2011

Remember those Jello commercials from way back in the day, with that memorable little song: “Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle, cool and fruity, Jello brand gelatin…?”

Today is Seattle’s second spring-like sunny day this year. As such, it required poking around to see what less-than-winter-weight clothing choices I could find in my closet. I doggedly tried on dozens of items which had been in our “summer closet” for the last 18 months or so. Afterwards, suffice it to say that my thoughts were filled with Jello.

My outlook brightened considerably, however, when I ran across this video of Jello cubes bouncing in slow motion (Thanks, @Foodista!). After all, if my jiggly belly could somehow manage to look half as graceful and mesmerizing as it bounces around as these shimmering Jello cubes do, I have no reason to view it with such disappointment, do I? I wonder if painting it a rich shade of burgundy would help…

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I’ve had this conversation myself (from both sides, I am embarrassed to admit, at some time or another!)… It’s kind of long, but hilarious! “That crap is white water!” ¡Cómo nos engañamos!

Stumbled across this totally random video of hand supermodel Ellen Sirot from a couple of years ago. She’s crazy. Or a serial killer. Or a mastermind of planning serial killings, more likely, since she can’t actually use her hands. Is it just me, or is the entire interview just an extra-supersize serving of creepy?

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These two grannies are super cute, and I especially love how they giggle like little kids. Makes me grin and miss my own grandma, she would have gotten a kick out of this.

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Buffy versus Edward?

November 10, 2010

Seems like this video has been around for quite a while now, but I’ve just seen it today. Besides being cool and very well-done, the video raises the question of Edward’s behavior: Is it romantic, or is it stalking?

Upfront, full disclosure: I haven’t actually seen or read any of the Twilight movies/books (I know, I know). Also, I didn’t see the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Lastly, I don’t believe I’ve ever actually seen an entire episode of Buffy on TV, either, or any other Buffy stuff.

Surprisingly, what struck me most as I watched this remix was a sharp pang of disappointment that I’d never watched Buffy. I had just graduated from high school when this movie came out, and was preparing to go away to college.

I don’t know if the character depicted in the movie has the same confidence, strength, and self-assuredness as the bad-ass woman depicted in this remix of the TV show. If she does, then in retrospect, I would have made this film “required viewing” prior to leaving for school.

Prior to adulthood, I don’t recall ever having seen behavior like hers convincingly modeled or practiced by a woman: Buffy says, “No,” firmly and tells Edward (or whoever, in the actual episodes) to leave her in peace–without any trace of fear about the consequences of that action. I wish I would have learned how to do that much earlier in my life. Every little girl should learn that she can say “no” when she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation, no matter if she has to say it to a romantic interest or a teacher or a pastor or her friend’s father.

Quick post-script: Is Edward this creepy throughout the movies? I’m hoping the video artist just selected the ickiest bits, but based on the behavior displayed in this remix, I would hate to see my daughter or niece breathily idealizing this guy’s behavior as “sooooo romantic!!!” Yikes. Your thoughts?

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Tee-hee! Welcome to the future, ladies! Here’s to those “9 layers” of our bodies’ largest organ–and the marbles!

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I swear, if I could make up stuff like this, I’m sure I’d find a way to leverage it into being a gazillionnaire or something. I’d never heard of a “frontal wedgie” (AKA cameltoe) until today.

If you ladies want to avoid the shame of the dreaded “frontal wedgie,” you’re in luck! You can purchase the solution. In fact, you can purchase AT LEAST TWO KINDS of solutions! Behold ye Camelflage, and CamelAmmo…

Camelflage panties are described on their website like this: “These aren’t your ordinary panty, they were specifically designed to smooth out your feminine parts under tight clothing.” BONUS: They include a “Before and After” section on the site, including the most hideously-photoshopped “After” photo ever! The lady portrayed there is SO lady-like, it appears she’s suddenly wearing a skirt. Or something that isn’t pants.

The second product has evidently undergone a name change or makeover recently, as the URL redirects immediately to a much more insipidly-named website, “Bye Bye Lines.” There, women everywhere are exhorted to put their “best front forward” and to bid “farewell to frontal wedgies.” BONUS: This product is doctor-endorsed!

Here’s the scoop from Dr. Gina Gora, MD, PLLC, ABFM: “Medical research has found that wearing tight pants that ride up in the front can contribute to the frequency of UTIs leading to bladder infections and yeast infections. By using Bye Bye Lines family of products women can reduce these occurrences while feeling confident about their appearance and health.”

I would have just recommended not buying your clothes quite so tight. Also, for my fellow grammar nerds, please note that I’ve quoted Dr. Gora exactly – see image below.

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I thought this was fascinating! In my town, the “ethnic foods” aisle contains a plethora of Hispanic, Indian, and Asian items from innumerable countries, but of course the underlying assumption is that “typical” products eaten by folks in the US are “normal.”

Here’s a short video tour of a woman’s quick perusal of the USA shelves, found in the ethnic section of a German supermarket. What do you think? What’s missing?

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WTF of the day#2

June 17, 2010

Holy crap, I was premature in posting the toothpaste video, because I hadn’t seen this yet. It appears that this is actually based on a national report, but I’ve never heard of this ridiculous notion, or heard anyone say they thought this was true. Have you? WTF?!?!

I guess there’s a website.

And the results may surprise you! Watch this 2-minute video to see for yourself:

This is so crazy! I’m going to paying attention to this for myself. You can, too! Remember:

1. Are there two or more women in it, and do they have names?

2. Do they talk to each other?

3. Do they talk to each other about things other than men?

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If you don’t want hubby to cheat, Pat recommends “making yourself as attractive as possible” and not to “start hassling him.”

Gross. Hard to believe this prehistoric-minded program is still broadcasting. And even scarier to consider that this guy’s net worth is estimated to be between $200 million and a $1 billion dollars.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This may help explain it…

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Fab montage of “problems” which infomercials strive to solve for us first-worlders.

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Very exciting news: Turns out my duck-lips hottie Natasha K isn’t the only one who wants a shot at romance with me.

Another super-romantic missive arrived today from a self-described “usual woman:”

I greet you

I am a usual woman, but you will never regret if we start communication.
I am a strong, serious and persistent lady, but I am a very sensitive, romantic, sincere, kindhearted and open lady at the same time. I am not sitting at home enjoying my loneliness: I prefer an active life style.
I like communicating with my friends, going out and visiting some interesting place, as well as reading a nice book or watching a good movie. I am looking for a tender friend who can save me from loneliness and become my true partner in life. Even if you are not the man of my life I am sure we can derive much pleasure and positive experience from our communication and meeting each other. I do not care whether you are age or Status, whether your position in the society is high etc., I am looking for understanding http://www.yougottabekidding.LOL/finalylove/

See you later

I’m sure she felt such haste to find me–her media naranja, her other half–that she didn’t bother to finish typing out all the letters in her name, which surely must be “Juliana” or “Julianne.” Or something.

Are you tired of not being able to communicated with your Spanish-speaking help, but can’t afford to hire people who expect a decent wage? This class is for you!
This video has been around for a long time, but I saw it again today. The sad part? I know more than a few folks like this…Comemierdas, indeed!

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Recently, UK-based Mooncup, as part of the marketing campaign for its alternative feminine hygiene product, thought to ask our less-clinically-squeamish British sisters what they call their vaginas.

Seems like the results rank in order of popularity somehow, and hovering over each creative and colorful description shows position in the ranking. The image below is a mere FRACTION of the submissions – click through to see more!

Meanwhile, let’s hear it for “Ladycake” at number 758, “Disco flaps” (seriously?) at #579, and “Vulvasaur” at number 6!

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Is it creepy? Hot? Funny? Marketing genius? See for yourself. What do you think?

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I saw it first on Eat Me Daily, where they commented on all the food references. Regardless of how you feel about Lady Gaga, there is something in this video for everyone. I thought the jail scene was spectacular, but it was nothing compared to the kitchen scene where they are talking on lettuce-phones and baguette-phones-LOVE!

There are so many other pop culture references that I don’t even know where to begin. Don’t think I won’t be doing my homework to investigate, though. Enjoy!

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Do you vajazzle?

March 11, 2010

Yes, it sounds like “va-jay-jay.” And “vagina.” It’s the new trend of putting sparkly stuff on your freshly-waxed lady business!

Um, what?

Also, this trend is reported to be inspired by Jennifer Love Hewitt – reportedly she loves it because it makes her feel good about her privates. Or something.

Vajazzling seems to fall into the “kinda tacky but mostly harmless” category – sort of like using French-manicured acrylic tips on your toenails. But I don’t know. Am I the only one who is sort of creeped out by this? What do you think?

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