Very interesting video about historic growth and decline of empires.

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This is the kind of video that makes me think it would be fun to live in Japan. This is from some kind of game show, and the challenge is to smoothly eat a slice of watermelon in such a way that the snowboarder taped to your face appears to be zooming back and forth on a half-pipe. Added bonus: Realistic sound effects!

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Awesome game!

November 9, 2009

I love this quick little flash game called Drench that I found on Neatorama recently. It took me a few tries to get it, but basically you change the color of the uppermost left-side square to “drench” the board with just one color. You begin with 30 moves/chances to drench the board, and each level has one fewer move. Try it! You’ll like it!


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Gross. Just…gross.

“Sean Murphy of Lansing, Michigan breaks the world record of putting the most Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches in his mouth by stuffing 16 live roaches into his mouth at one time. This beats the previous record of 11 which was set by Travis Fessler of Florence, Kentucky. The record was broken by Murphy to promote Preuss Pets an amazing family operated pet store in Lansing, Michigan.

Here are the Rules…
1. The Roaches have to be over 2 1/2 inches making it an adult Madagascar hissing cock roach.
2. Sean has to put more than 11 in his mouth to break the record.
3. Once more than 11 are placed in his mouth he has to keep them in there for at least 10 seconds.”

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I saw a new one today, about Balloon Boy, and have included a few others here for you to enjoy. I love these!

Hitler learns of the Balloon Boy hoax:

Hitler learns of Michael Jackson’s death:

Hitler’s iPhone is still broken:

Hitler finds out that Sarah Palin resigns:

This is awesome if you’re a language nerd like me–

I found this on Miss Cellania – I had seen this before but never played with it. You enter an English phrase, and a virtual translator translates it to Japanese, and then back to English, and then back to Japanese, etc. until the two languages’ phrases match.

I tried “You can have my girl, but don’t touch my hat.” See the results here

Translation Party

Translation Party

New Addiction

May 7, 2009


It’s like Scrabble, but against the clock…Easy and far too addictive!

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