21 degrees out there

November 24, 2010

Eek. Our traffic woes when the weather gets like this are awful – between the steep hills and slick layer of ice you can be sure is beneath any snow that falls, it gets dicey out there. Here’s a compilation of videoed traffic mayhem that displays how dicey, even with snow chains and salted roads:

*Stick with it until at least 3:00 – although it will  be tough to tear your eyes away from any of it!

I can’t seem to get the live widget thingie to post correctly, but click the image to go to the site and see for yourself. It’s just horrible.

via PBS

Um, right.

via Digital Nipples

Especially when I think back to my own brief days in a telemarketing office. Based on that experience (calling from the scuzziest office in Harris County on behalf of a fake Texas State Troopers’ Association, woot) I feel absolutely certain that this guy’s posts are not in any way exaggerated or invented. Scary.

via Urlesque

I’m a language-friendly gal, but I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t do any better than these folks! My apologies, Iceland!

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The world is, at times, truly unknowable – definitely a place that falls outside my capacity for understanding. Grab your eye bleach and have a look at this guy. If you think having an ass on the front of your chest makes you feel a little sick, wait until you see JUST HOW MUCH this guy is enjoying said ass on the front of his chest. Then consider this: Someone is recording the video. That’s right, a real person in the same room with this guy and his pec-jumping antics. Ewww.

via Urlesque

I am thrilled to find this, purportedly from Iceland – Hysterical stuff!

via Urlesque

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