Gym people: Buongiorno!

March 12, 2010

You may know that I joined a new gym in December. I go most mornings with a friend of mine who lives nearby. We’ve been going for a few months, so these days my friend and I recognize a ton of other members. We don’t know any of their names, so we make up our own names for them based on some aspect of the personality or behavior each one displays in the gym.

Let’s see…Here are some of the people I saw just this morning: Buongiorno, La Chinita, El Viejito, Mr. Chatty, Kick-Your-Ass Lady, Luke’s Fake Brother (AKA The Grunter), Mr. Nut Jokes, Varicose Veins Man, Somebody’s Creepy Uncle, El Negrazo, Victor/Victoria, Escuelera, The Gorilla, Hair Extensions Barbie, The Botox Sisters, The Robot, El Loco, and Dead-in-the-Sauna Lady.

I thought it might be fun to tell you about some of these folks.

First up, Buongiorno:

My friend C and I nearly always work out at the gym together. She is a classic Colombian beauty, all flashing dark eyes and ebony hair. The two of us are friendly gals, and each day we smile and say “Good morning” to those we meet. Since my Spanish is much better than C’s English, she and I speak Spanish with each other, and we never really think much about it.

One day, one of the “regulars” spotted us from across the room, and absolutely beamed. As we neared, she waved energetically, and called out a sing-song “Buongiorno!” This tickled C and me, and we replied, “Buongiorno!” before continuing on to the FM machines.

And, ever since that day, when we see this lady, she tosses an always-enthusiastic “Buongiorno!” our direction.

Now, for those of you who have some Romance language confusion, it may be important to point out that “Buongiorno” means “Good morning” – in Italian.

C and I speak Spanish, not Italian.

So…our friend “Buongiorno” greets us effusively each morning…in Italian. C and I have discussed this at length – there are two possibilities. First, Buongiorno may think she is actually greeting us in Spanish, due to some general confusion or lack of linguistic prowess. Second, and most likely, we believe Buongiorno thinks we actually speak Italian instead of Spanish. This, in and of itself, is not tremendously unusual, surprisingly – Since I don’t look a thing like my gal C, who definitely resembles the “typical” Spanish speaker of our region, when folks hear me speak Spanish, they often presume it’s something other language.

Neither C nor I have the heart to correct Buongiorno, so instead we just smile and say “Good morning!”


Do you vajazzle?

March 11, 2010

Yes, it sounds like “va-jay-jay.” And “vagina.” It’s the new trend of putting sparkly stuff on your freshly-waxed lady business!

Um, what?

Also, this trend is reported to be inspired by Jennifer Love Hewitt – reportedly she loves it because it makes her feel good about her privates. Or something.

Vajazzling seems to fall into the “kinda tacky but mostly harmless” category – sort of like using French-manicured acrylic tips on your toenails. But I don’t know. Am I the only one who is sort of creeped out by this? What do you think?

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How to report the news

February 11, 2010

I loved this video – apparently news programs are the same across the pond as they are here. “It’s just news. It’s just news.” Indeed!

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Yuck. Just, yuck.

Great quote, though: “If you was charged with something & you were found innocent, then you cant be found guilty for being found innocent.”

I’ll just let the video speak for itself. But I don’t really get it.

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November 24, 2009

Great compilation I saw on Red Tory:

Pobre Sammy Sosa

November 22, 2009

Hasta le sacaron cancion – mucha risa! A continuacion, una parte de la entrevista que hizo Sammy Sosa con Tony Dandrade en Primer Impacto al respecto…Como siempre, los comentarios acerca de los dos videos son para morirse de la risa.

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