Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again! As reported last year and the year before, the return of spring in Seattle brings the return of my furry, football-shaped friend: the mountain beaver. Ain’t he sweet?

He’s out a little earlier than usual this year, and seems to have taken up residence farther up the hill behind our house. Unless that’s some other mountain beaver, of course. I didn’t catch his name.

Have YOU ever seen a llama kiss a llama on the llama?

Please don’t curse me when you can’t get this song out of your head, and please don’t throw yourself off the balcony when the bizarre imagery from the video invades your sweet slumber.

Be forewarned: I can’t seem to make the video stop once it starts. Enjoy!

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I cracked up when I saw the plaintive look on the face of this cute little salchicha. And watch for that hopeful wagging tail!

Poor Poncho managed to get stuck in the arm of a sweatshirt with his little head poking out of the sleeve.  He is so patient as he waits for his owners to come to the rescue, although they weren’t able to do much to shield him from the withering judgment of the family cat. ¡Pobrecito!

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After yesterday’s gruesome fowl-related post, today I thought it would be nice to share something more uplifting in relation to our feathered friends. La Billi shared this with me via email today. What a fun story!

I saw a funny tool at a kitchen store the other day. It was marked “Duck Press,” and I assumed it was some kind of old-fashioned tool used to squeeze out more fat from duck skin or something like that. Reasonable assumption, I thought.

In an effort to find the “real” answer (or maybe in part to congratulate myself for having such finely-honed deductive powers!) I did some research, and found I was grossly (emphasis on the ‘gross’ part) mistaken.

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Pobrecitos! Fortunately, they don’t seem to end up any worse for wear, but I’ll think of them every time I walk down Pine towards the water squinting into the strong winds coming off the Sound!

I waited around in the Department of Licensing office all afternoon, and when I finally got up to the counter, they told me that I couldn’t carry out any business on the cars since they are in Fernando’s name. This video was the perfect crankiness antidote.

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Today’s cute

January 26, 2011

I found this the other day via – I posted a related video in May/2009, but this one is even funnier. Why, you ask? Because this one has monkeys! It even has a dentist monkey. You’re welcome.

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Grape-stealing monkey

November 8, 2010

A super-cute monkey. Stealing grapes.


BAP! BAP! Be sure and hang in there till ~2:15 – soooo funny! It would be fun to try and recreate this, wouldn’t it? I have a treadmill, now I just I need to borrow a couple of cats…BAP! BAP! BAP!

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Cute cat video!

August 20, 2010

This little guy’s jumping chops aren’t yet fully developed. Pobrecito!

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Cute, short video I saw on UniqueDaily, Besides making me grin, it also caused the secondary side effect of making me wonder what the heck is in string cheese to make poor Mr. Evil have that strong of a reaction. My third thought? Maybe I shouldn’t be eating the stuff for breakfast.

Recently, I found out about Amazon’s book trade-in program, and decided it was high time for me to look over my bulging bookshelves for suitable candidates. I found one book in particular that I was willing to part with that Amazon told me was worth $30. $30! I was delighted, since the only other plan I’d hatched about thinning my books involved just giving darn things away to our local Goodwill.

I flipped through the books in the “yes” pile to ensure there were no hidden flowers, notes, pieces of lizard skin or dollar bills tucked neatly between the pages, and suddenly, I noticed the unthinkable.

In my $30 book, a textbook I’d used during my Masters work, I’d written in the book itself. Gasp! I had defaced a book, but was quickly relieved to see that my crime appeared to be erasable. Somehow, I had had the foresight to scribble on those $30 pages in pencil. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll just erase all the evidence.”

I dug out one of those long clicky erasers, and got to work. Sadly, three hours later, I found that I’d grossly underestimated the staying power of the humble pencil lead. My deltoid, exhausted…My lungs, full of eraser bits. I won’t even tell you what the carpet looked like.

The only upshot (besides hopefully guaranteeing the receipt of my entire $30!) is that I saw a few minutes of Jimmy Fallon, and he showed a piece of this video: The funniest thing I’ve seen in MONTHS. I haven’ t stopped laughing since! Enjoy!

Wow! I was working at the computer, minding my own business, and this guy (gal?) comes wandering up from next door! S/he poked around a minute or two, and then wandered away up the hill. Very neat to see!

This may be reason enough to start planning a trip there – I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but since F has, it’s lower on our list of places to visit. I bet this much cuteness in a small space could change his mind!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Meet the sloths on Vimeo", posted with vodpod

More info on the Sloth Sanctuary here.

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I have no idea what the backstory is for this video, and yes-it’s nearly nine minutes long. However, it’s surprisingly satisfying! The beginning is a surprise, and the last 10 seconds are the BEST.

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Chicken Monkey Duck!!!

June 18, 2010


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More fun at the zoo

June 8, 2010

How could it be a trip to the zoo without penguins?

And this jaguar resorted to some herbal medicine, just like any domestic cat…


But by far the best part was observing the gorillas…


June 8, 2010

As you may have seen in this post, there is a new meerkat exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo. F and I sneaked away to the zoo for the suddenly-sunny afternoon yesterday, and we got to see them for ourselves!

How about these little faces:

And, a video. Awwww…

Sometimes I feel like that scene in Snow White where she’s walking through the forest and there are a bazillion animals scampering around. We have such great wildlife and so many wonderful things to see here! Like this little guy, who I spied in our big cedar tree out back. I managed a pretty decent photo of him, too!

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