German supermarket has a “USA” section

June 18, 2010

I thought this was fascinating! In my town, the “ethnic foods” aisle contains a plethora of Hispanic, Indian, and Asian items from innumerable countries, but of course the underlying assumption is that “typical” products eaten by folks in the US are “normal.”

Here’s a short video tour of a woman’s quick perusal of the USA shelves, found in the ethnic section of a German supermarket. What do you think? What’s missing?

via Sociological Images


2 Responses to “German supermarket has a “USA” section”

  1. gmomj Says:

    That was pretty cool.
    I guess there should have been ketchup and cereal.
    Having lived overseas for several years those items were much sought after,as well as tuna and peanut butter.But I must admit the videographer was quite distracting, were her eyes going in different directions????

  2. shawncita Says:

    I totally agree about the peanut butter, and I was frankly surprised not to see some really crummy-quality chocolate like Hershey bars. Cereal is a brilliant addition!
    Videographer…Yes, I nearly included a “video quality disclaimer” in the post – professional quality film it wasn’t. 🙂
    Thanks for reading!

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