Mountain beaver reprise

May 11, 2010

A few fun items:
1. This mountain beaver (from 5/28/2009) has been the single-most viewed topic within this blog.
2. I have posted on this blog for a year already, without my noticing the anniversary on May 6th.
3. It must be springtime, because our resident mountain beaver is regularly visible again!

All month, we’ve had a few passing peeks at the little guy. Last night I watched gleefully as he made a dozen or more trips back and forth from his burrow, in one door and out the other, then back to the first door, then out a third door, jaws full of bunches of leaves as large as his little football-shaped body. I got within just a few meters of him, and he paid me no mind whatsoever. He did freeze momentarily a couple of times when camera flashed, though.

Enjoy the hardly-professional-but-still-fun-to-watch footage below! I even took a few videos!

I saw some movement through the window, a crazy, compact scurrying:

Through the window, I saw my old friend Aplodontia rufa, the mountain beaver. He evidently has new digs just north of our largest sword fern:

I went dashing for the camera and caught him trotting down the hill towards our huge western red cedar tree, which is ringed with a higher-than-normal growth of greenery down below thanks to our neighbors’ recent tree-massacre.

A close-up. Isn’t he cute?

He found some tasty green stuff and commenced to cutting. As he cuts, he accumulates the stems of the bunch in his mouth, for easy portability. The bunch ends up being larger than he is sometimes! Blurry circled area below is the part he’s already cut, and it is blurry since that  bunch moves around as he’s rooting around to cut the next stems.


I’ve seen fewer tails cuter than that teeny nubbin – note the size of his dinner bouquet! Can anyone identify what kind of plants he’s cut?

Nubbin down the hole!

And now, some videos:


3 Responses to “Mountain beaver reprise”

  1. […] folks, it’s that time of year again! As reported last year and the year before, the return of spring in Seattle brings the return of my furry, football-shaped […]

    • Rich Says:

      Looks like it could be Miner’s lettuce but its hard to tell from a pic. Is there just the one leaf on the long stem?

      • shawncita Says:

        Hi Rich, I’m sorry to have missed your comment. I was offline having a baby! It is just one leaf on the long stem. Unfortunately, we’ve recently moved away from that house, so my mountain beaver viewing days may be over. But he was sure fun to watch! Thanks for reading!

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