“I very want to find my love”

April 22, 2010

Very exciting news: Turns out my duck-lips hottie Natasha K isn’t the only one who wants a shot at romance with me.

Another super-romantic missive arrived today from a self-described “usual woman:”

I greet you

I am a usual woman, but you will never regret if we start communication.
I am a strong, serious and persistent lady, but I am a very sensitive, romantic, sincere, kindhearted and open lady at the same time. I am not sitting at home enjoying my loneliness: I prefer an active life style.
I like communicating with my friends, going out and visiting some interesting place, as well as reading a nice book or watching a good movie. I am looking for a tender friend who can save me from loneliness and become my true partner in life. Even if you are not the man of my life I am sure we can derive much pleasure and positive experience from our communication and meeting each other. I do not care whether you are age or Status, whether your position in the society is high etc., I am looking for understanding http://www.yougottabekidding.LOL/finalylove/

See you later

I’m sure she felt such haste to find me–her media naranja, her other half–that she didn’t bother to finish typing out all the letters in her name, which surely must be “Juliana” or “Julianne.” Or something.


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