Neat ads: Words DO have power

March 17, 2010

I found this series of ads from HSBC bank, illustrating the power of a single word in influencing us to interpret the exact same scenario in different ways. Very interesting stuff, and quite powerful.

Privilege. Sacrifice. Role model.

Decor. Souvenir. Place of prayer.

Freedom. Status symbol. Polluter.

Style. Soldier. Survivor.

via Sociological Images


5 Responses to “Neat ads: Words DO have power”

  1. dclark1983 Says:

    It leaves us to think how much of our perception is real and how much is guided. One might say that perception is reality, but who made that reality? Officers and lawyers have to choose their words correctly so as to not lead witnesses or suspects. It is the same concept. Using words to twist the reality or perception of a given situation.

  2. dclark1983 Says:

    you are very welcome! my wife likes your stuff too 😀

  3. shawncita Says:

    Awesome! Please say hello to her! 🙂

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