Condom use = God hates you

December 21, 2009

This is absurd. I was completely sure this was a parody when the guy introduced himself (“I’m your host William Tafly, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the co-prophet of the end times.”). But, it’s not a parody. And that, my friends, is alternately hilarious/terrifying.

See for yourself:

via Feminist Texican


3 Responses to “Condom use = God hates you”

  1. Conan Troutman Says:

    You’d think god almighty could have provided him with a better way holding the mic instead of stuffing it down his jacket. Maybe the lord was displeased.

    • shawncita Says:

      Indeed…probably someone told him that in the book of Daniel it says that all the cool kids wear their microphones that way! Thanks for reading!

  2. […] 13, 2010 So God might hate you if you use condoms, but at least you’ll be popular with the ladies! At least that is the message in this great […]

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