Vertical vegetable farms in your window

December 9, 2009

This is a marvelous idea, a nonprofit is encouraging city-dwellers to create their own soil-free vegetable gardens in the windows of their apartments. Up to 25 different plants may grow in a single window. Amazing!

Pass it on and, if you can, help these folks achieve their goals!

More information at Kickstarter and Windows Farm

via Kickstarter


2 Responses to “Vertical vegetable farms in your window”

  1. britta Says:

    Thank you so much for posting about our project! I’m also a country girl gone city, like a lot of the world’s population at this point. That’s half of the motivation for this project- if I’m going to live in the big city, how do I get a nature experience into my New York apartment? We gotta make $25K just to finance our way through the next few months worth of projects and we are a long ways away, so I really appreciate your help! Britta Riley

  2. shawncita Says:

    I appreciate your comment, Britta, and will definitely work on my end to get the word out. I think it’s a wonderful idea, not only in terms of city-folk being able to enjoy a greater experience with nature, but also in terms of more equitable accessibility for more people in more kinds of places to enjoy fresh, local vegetables. It is a wonderful idea! I’ll post on my cooking blog too. Good luck to you and the project! ~Shawn

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