Hamburgers to beef tartare: Julia Child on Letterman

December 3, 2009

A Letterman episode from 1987 featuring Julia Child. Plans to prepare a hamburger morph into beef tartare when a burner malfunctions on the show. Very entertaining! My favorite part:

Julia Child: “You’re going to love this!”
Letterman: “Oh, I’m not going to be eating it…so…”
Julia Child: “Why not?”
Letterman: “Well, it’s just, it’s raw beef, and you get…”
Julia Child: “Oh you should!”
Letterman: “…well, you get dysentery from eating that, won’t you?”
Julia Child: “Oh, no, no!”
Letterman: “Hepatitis?”
Julia Child: “No!”
Letterman: “What…what do you get from eating uncooked meat?”
Julia Child: “You get healthy!”

via Eat Me Daily


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