First, mountain beavers. Now, coyotes!

November 23, 2009

Yup. We had mountain beavers and thought they were a hoot to watch. Now, we have sighted a coyote in my Seattle backyard. Kind of neat! I snapped first with the cell phone and then got some other photos with the regular camera. None of the shots are very good, but I guess you get the idea…

First, under our big cedar tree, complements of Blackberry:

Then I managed to fish out my camera…I think the coyote heard me rummaging around and he headed around the side of the house before I could turn the camera on. Here, it is standing over near our propane tanks:

Next, I got a clearer shot of the coyote near the tanks – these are 125-gallon size tanks, about 4 feet tall:

Then, the coyote loped down our driveway towards the Burke Gilman Trail:

And just before the critter disappeared, I managed to get a shot of it perched atop our neighbor’s horrendous pile of mulch that has been there for at least the past year. Sitting in front of our yard. A huge, mulchy eyesore. Grumble grumble. But here’s the coyote standing on it, anyway:

Last I heard, some of the neighbors had gotten together and set a trap to try and catch the little guy and relocate it. Guess they haven’t gotten it yet!

I thought it was kind of neat to see.


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