Extreme cheek piercings

November 2, 2009

From some religious festival of vegetarians in Phuket, apparently. After I got over the initial “yuck” factor, I couldn’t help consider the obvious hygiene issues.

For example, using a pineapple just can’t be very sanitary:

cheek piercing-pineapple

Here’s another example. Is this like having earrings? As in, are there always permanent holes in these guys’ faces? Does it impact their ability to eat?

cheek piercing-espinas

And this was just creepy – I kept thinking of that bearded guy in Pasadena who hung out years ago at the Radio Shack…he’d tried to shoot himself in the mouth with a rifle, but instead of dying, he only blew away his mandible and most of his tongue.

cheek piercing-pistolas

via J-Walk


3 Responses to “Extreme cheek piercings”

  1. dclark1983 Says:

    wow… looks like a freaky porn exhibition!

    • shawncita Says:

      You ain’t kidding! And did you look at the whole gallery? Why are so many of them 11 years old? And what is up with those super-long fingernails?

  2. dclark1983 Says:

    wow…. i am absolutely speechless

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