Pole dancing competition – Wow!

October 13, 2009

For real, it appears there really IS such a thing. And it is amazing! Fernando and I saw this a few months ago and I just ran across it again…quite the feat of athleticism! And in high heels, too!!

2 Responses to “Pole dancing competition – Wow!”

  1. heatro Says:

    Pole dancing is supposed to be a GREAT workout. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I’ve never worked up the nerve.

    It’s probably the best exercise you can get in a pair of high heels!

    • shawncita Says:

      I’ve heard the same! I’ve never had the nerve either, although a friend of mine was supposed to have tried it many months ago – someone offered a class (!).
      I’d be happy if I could manage to gracefully WALK in those high heels!! :o)
      I peeped your site, and was cheered to read that you suddenly found yourself far from home…I left my hometown as a young woman and never looked back – I’ll look forward to seeing your adventures!
      Thanks for reading!

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