Now I get it: Super-baggy pants explained

October 13, 2009

This explains everything! I’m still laughing, I think I just saw this guy (these guys?) crossing Lake City Way…

Baggy Pants Porque

Via Miss Cellania

3 Responses to “Now I get it: Super-baggy pants explained”

  1. dclark1983 Says:

    Oh crap that is hilarious!!! I have shown my whole office!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • shawncita Says:

      I am glad you liked it – I think it’s one of the funniest photos I’ve seen in weeks!
      Thanks! (and hee hee hee! I’m still cracking up…).

      • dclark1983 Says:

        I’m still laughing at the top guy’s tiny little butt!! It is definitely NOT proportionate to the rest of his body… Man that sounded wrong huh?

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