My, what a phalerated vocabulary you have!

October 6, 2009

In a succisive moment this evening, I was browsing Urlesque and found a marvelous site. Save the Words is dedicated to resuscitating old words from the dictionary—cool, right? Plus, it’s very fun to play with!

It would appear that most of us, in our pigritude, prefer to pursue purely plebicolar pettiness instead of dedicating ourselves to the locupletation of our vocabularies. May we all resarciate and dedicate ourselves to more squiriferous pursuits—lest we invoke the vilest theomeny provoking pain no dynometer could ever record! Let us begin at once!


Squiriferous – gentlemanly

Locupletative – enriching

Succisive moments – spare time

Phalerated – embellished

Pigritude – laziness

Resarciate – make amends

Plebicolar – of common people


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