Seattle Knife Sharpener – He comes to you!

September 16, 2009

I was preparing a pot of beans yesterday, which is nothing too unusual. To my delight, I’d found some forgotten serrano peppers languishing at the bottom of my crisper. When I grabbed my “good” knife to mince up the spicy find, I was shocked to realize how dull it was. Cutting into the chile was like trying to cut a tomato with a butter knife–not very efficient, and DEFINITELY not safe.


Fernando is horrified each time he sees me with a knife in my hand, and is certain that one day he’ll have to haul me over to the ER with a severed digit (or two!). He has stopped just short of insisting I cut things only when accompanied by another person in the house, but not because he wouldn’t prefer that to be the rule.

Because of this, he was extremely supportive when I told him I thought it was time to have the knives sharpened again. We poked around online and found some company (actually one guy, I guess), Edgemaster, who will come to you. I called him and he is supposed to come out tomorrow (!) and sharpen EVERYTHING.

In spite of the potential horror-story-friendly aspect of this setup (i.e. recently-sharpened knives, a strange man, a lone defenseless woman, no neighbors for miles around, etc.), I am very happy to know that my knives will soon be sharp again. Here’s to keeping all ten digits safe and sound!


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