Do Something New

August 15, 2009

Last New Year’s Eve, F and I did things a little differently.New Year's Grapes

We sat together, with champagne and grapes, and in the minutes leading up to midnight we each found a pen and the six notecards we had bought for the occasion.

On each card, we wrote down an idea for something new to do or try during a given month.

We tried to think back to all the times we’d said, “You know, we should really go to (location)/try (activity)/make an effort to (activity) one day – I hear it’s really amazing!”

We each wrote our six ideas on our six cards, sealed them up in their respective envelopes, and shuffled to mix them up.

Happy New YearWe wrote the name of a month on each envelope, arranged them in order, and vowed to open one notecard on the last day of each month, and to make plans to carry out the plan contained therein during the month to come.

The only rules were that we couldn’t write anything that involved flying out to another city (other methods of transportation were acceptable), and it had to be something we had never done before at the time of writing.

This section will document our adventures.


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