July 29, 2009

Well, it’s a historic day for Seattle, as temperatures have broken records all week. Highest low temp every recorded, longest string of 90-degree+ days in a row, and now, hottest day EVER.

On the way home, I saw this:

Too hot for Seattle

I felt so sorry for myself and my non-air-conditioned plight that I passed by Wendy’s to buy a Frosty.

When I got home, I checked the thermostat:

Yes, it really says 93.

And yes, that is inside the house. I unloaded my junk and the phone rang–Fernando, off work early. He shot this with his iPhone from inside the car, and somehow I didn’t feel quite so horrid:


All day I had been pretty lucky, after all…I escaped first thing this morning to Panera Bread for a coffee and shortbread cookie. I reasoned I had important work to do, it was 9am, and it would be a tranquil place to hang out. That worked well until lunchtime, when the place was overrun with hot, cranky, screaming children. The little girl to my right (~age 11) had arrived with her mom and grandma, and immediately jumped up and down on the booth’s seat for 6 full minutes without stopping while Grandma ordered food in the lineup. Mom never even raised her eyebrows, even when the little girl (her name was Ida, in whose name they ordered all the food, isn’t it so darned cute you can’t even stand it?) then threw herself into the floor to yell “let’s go let’s go let’s go LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S GO…” for about 2 more minutes…And I haven’t even mentioned her shenanigans during the remaining 45 minutes or so during which I had the pleasure of being her Panera Neighbor.

The employees grimaced each time they had to step over her writhing, screaming little body, but there she stayed, blocking the entire aisle. Grandma lectured Mom about how she needed to eat well, that the trick was avoiding sugar and especially processed sugar. My own opinions about how a bit of rule-making and some boundaries would make a bigger difference were kept to myself.

So I retreated. Back to the house. “Retreat” is figurative here, since the heat was certainly still my present enemy. Yesterday it was still 89 degrees inside the house at 9:30pm, so we’ll see how we fare tonight.

Should be an interesting night’s sleep. <whimper>


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