June/July “Do Something New”

July 6, 2009

Disaster–with the crazy social calendar of last week, we not only spaced on carrying out June’s “do something new” card, but we completely forgot to open July’s until the 4th!!!

June’s event was to be very fun–we drew “visit the alpacas.” We drive past an alpaca farm each time we go to White Rock, BC and each and every time I say, “We should go see the alpacas one day!” Finally, it seemed the day had arrived.

Or not.

I had noticed the last time we went to Canada that the sign at the alpaca farm had been altered. I decided to check online to see about the details for visiting the farm, etc., and it appears they have moved to Texas. Rats!

We found another website or two for local alpaca ranches, but their visitor information was so vague that we decided to trade going to the alpaca farm for going to the Seattle Aquarium–we haven’t been since they finished their expansion and renovations in 2007.

Or not.

We forgot all about that, too–until we remembered after the fireworks were over on July 4th! So now we’ve decided to double up in July!! Should be a challenge to squeeze everything in…July means F.’s citizenship celebrations, my birthday, a friend’s surprise party, our anniversary, our cooking group, and F’s birthday…plus July’s “do something new” card, which is to explore Port Townsend Port Angeles (oops!). Should be a packed month!


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