Lake City Errands Walk

June 11, 2009

Today’s walk found me helping little old ladies across the street!

Lake City Walk

Lake City Walk

Started out normal enough…a few hours to kill and some errands to do.  I walked up the 196-step staircase to Fred Meyer to buy a ham baguette and a $10 media card reader. As I left, I saw a little old lady with a walker who had evidently dropped the two boxes of strawberries (2 for $5!) she’d just purchased. She had just made it across the street, and she was trying to get her walker up the curb cut, pick up the loose strawberries, hang onto the other still-intact box of strawberries, keep her purse closed, and keep hold of her other purchases–all at the same time. Needless to say, she was having some difficulties.

I helped her pick up the strawberries and noted her very Texan pronunciation of the word “wash.” She groused for a few minutes about how she’d tried to hang the handles of her reusable shopping bag over the walker handles, but that they’d fallen off. I helped her re-organize herself and she invited me to please have a strawberry for my trouble, very sweet! Turns out she used to live in Mission, TX in a senior mobile-home park, and she moved to Seattle 4 years ago when her husband died. She said she cared for him for the 22 years with which he suffered with Parkinson’s, but she was very proud to share that she had no major medical  bills because he had kept his insurance up after he retired from his job.

Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I walked with her back to her apartment building, and then bid her farewell. “Miss Jean” told me to stop by and say hello any time I was in the neighborhood, that she would enjoy the visit. Too cute.

Stuck my head into Value Village, nothing interesting there…Continued to the bank where I stocked up for “tip money” for our Cozumel trip: Since it’s an all-inclusive deal, we won’t have to pay for any food or drinks, but “tips are always appreciated,” as they say. I walked out of the bank feeling ridiculous with my huge wad of cash–$50 in $1 bills, and additional smaller bills.

I went home the long way because I figured that after my Dragonboat experience yesterday (and how sore I was this morning!), it would probably do me well. 3.83 miles, only 8891 steps. Still, it’s 5 WW activity points!


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