Qwest vs. Comcast?

June 10, 2009

Comcast will lose a customer today. Well, actually they officially lose two, since F’s office uses them also and they are now in the process of changing to another company as well.

We recently decided to bundle our services to receive internet, phone, and cable through Comcast, and F negotiated a nice deal. The techs came out, installed everything, and all services appeared to be working fine.

No more Comcast

No more Comcast

Then we received the bill, which ended up being twice what we expected. When F called to inquire about the difference in price, he went through 3 people before speaking with a supervisor. F patiently explained–for the 4th time–that originally we were offered XYZ deal for this price. The supervisor said “Yes, but our records don’t show that. You know, anyone can look on the internet, see we are offering this deal, and call us up and say they have it.” F, needless to say, was offended. He asked her if she was calling him a liar and ended up hanging up on the lady.

The entire incident was rather unbelievable, especially since we had NEVER had any problems with Comcast, and their Customer Service folks and techs were always extremely nice, surprisingly nice, even. Then today on MSN there was an article about the 10 worst companies for customer service–the “Hall of Shame,” and guess who appeared on the list? So…I suppose we must have been in the minority with our nice customer service folks. Interestingly, Qwest also appears on this list, so we have our fingers crossed!

The DirectTV guy is here now (yes, we are joining the ranks of those who impose a hideous satellite dish into our neighbors’ unsuspecting lines of sight–sorry, neighbors!), and the UPS guy actually just dropped off the modem package…Once all is set with the TV, I’ll try my hand at installing the other stuff–wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Qwest vs. Comcast?”

  1. Hello Red,

    Yes, we too were on the “list”. On a good note, we are moving out of the top ten through efforts such as reaching out to people through social media sites like this and twitter.

    If you have any issues with your service, be it the recent installation(thanks for the opportunity to serve you)or the equipment, any of the DirecTV (go NFL ticket, charger fan in Boise!) or any other aspect of the service(s) we’re set to provide, please feel to send us an email at talktous@qwest.com.

    Thanks again for your patronage, looking forward to earning your business.


    Steve Schwartz, Consumer Affairs Manager, Qwest Communications.

    • shawncita Says:

      Thank you, Steve, for your comment and your attention. I appreciate your efforts to reach out, and here’s hoping our issues are resolved soon!

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