Disappeared at Sea?

June 2, 2009

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that something the size of an airplane could just up and disappear in the middle of the ocean…I learned yesterday that no type of apparatus is used to track the plane on radar from folks outside the plane, that pilots just “talk to one another.” Is this true? This seems incredible in the very original meaning of the word…Aren’t there military satellites and other kinds of information-gathering systems unrelated to commercial airplanes which could be helpful? Also, my cell phone even has GPS–I’m puzzled that a jet wouldn’t…It evidently has some kind of tracking device, because I regularly enjoy following the flight path on the in-flight TV screen as I fly from Point A to Point B.

Air France Flight 447

Such a sad situation, 228 passengers…I keep thinking about what a monumental voyage, in terms of reasons to travel, it must be to fly from Rio to Paris. Milestone anniversaries, sorrowful funerals, long-awaited honeymoons, weddings, graduations, fulfillment of life dreams, returning home after a long business conference, finally meeting an internet sweetheart in person…it breaks my heart to think of so many lives so brusquely interrupted and ending in such a dramatic and grisly manner. May it be so that they did not suffer, and that the families of the missing passengers find peace in such a trying time.


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