Sunny Day Walk: 7 miles!

May 23, 2009

F and I had a superb dinner last night with some friends…But between the before-dinner cocktails, the appetizer snacks, the main course, copious wine, dessert, and brandy, just DINNER cost me 38.5 WW points. Yikes! We hadn’t eaten much during the day to prepare for dinner, but I only had earned 8 activity points for the week, so ended up with negative points for the week for the first time ever (!).

route map 5-09

Once I calculated the damage, we decided to go out for a long walk today to try and get back on track. This suggestion turned into a marathon 7.19 mile walk (that’s 11.5+ kilometers!)  through Lake Forest Park neighborhoods into Shoreline. We left the house at 3pm, and returned around 6:30. Our walk included a 30-minute pit stop at Safeway for a tiny sushi snack and bio break, and about 30 assorted minutes of stopping to stretch, wait for a stoplight, etc. So we did 7+ miles in 2.5 hours. Not a great pace, but not bad as adding extra activity goes–I recuperated all but 1 of my negative points with my 20,106 steps walked!

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