2-point Salad Rolls!

May 20, 2009

When unemployment despair (or any kind of despair!) creeps up and begins breathing its hot, rancid breath on the back of my neck, I generally end up in the kitchen.

Tonight’s experiment was inspired by a woefully lonely chicken breast and a box of rice paper wrappers.

First, some slicing and organizing:

Mise en place

Mise en place

Next, I dutifully soaked my rice papers and assembled my rolls–none too skillfully, especially at first. I ate the ugliest of the bunch, but here are the rest, all stacked up and ready to go:



They look waaaaay more interesting on the inside:

Fresh & lovely!

Fresh & lovely!

And the best part of all: only 2 WW points each (tons of fresh veggies, plus thin slices of chicken breast brushed with sesame orange dressing, 1/16th of an avocado, and about a tablespoon of brown rice for each roll). That means I still have enough points left for a treat!


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