Yoga Reprise: Day 1

May 18, 2009

Went to Marni’s beginner’s class this morning at Wedgewood’s Eight Limbs location. Aside from a few sessions on the mat here at home, it has been ages since I’ve gone to a yoga class. I can say I am definitely a creature of habit and routine, and for years I have been frustrated that no yoga studio offers the same type of class at the same time of day with the same teachers…This was how I began to study yoga in Houston, and this is what Ramaswami recommends. After all, an observant teacher with a talent for observation is one’s greatest ally in both making progress as well as avoiding injury. Creating a stable relationship with a teacher, and a space, and a time of day reserved just for me–this seems so important to my personal practice.


However, until this situation manifests, I can either stay off the mat in studios, or I can work with the materia prima that I have. Marni even injected some readings from the second chapter of the Yoga Sutras, she encouraged us to use ujjayi, and incorporated many different kinds of movement into the class. The small class size (me and 5 older ladies) was nice, too. Biggest plus: no partner work. I’ll definitely go back.

Too bad the rest of the day wasn’t more productive…But surely something has to be brewing…

One Response to “Yoga Reprise: Day 1”

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