Kitchen Decisions

May 16, 2009

Well, we’ve conquered a great beast the last couple of days–Fernando and I have finally decided our wood and granite combination for the kitchen remodel we are planning for later in the year! Here it is:

Cappucino and Chestnut-Stained Maple

Cappucino and Chestnut-Stained Maple

Now we are hammering out the specific appliances, and never knew that figuring out what to do with the doggone microwave oven would be such a challenge. It is over the single wall oven now, but we want double ovens…So where to put the microwave? How to find one that does not jut out several inches past our wall cabinets if we install it there? Some have suggested installing it, drawer-style, in a base cabinet but I just don’t see it. Having it on the counter is not appealing…so? We’re still working out the details there. Good news: we are a few steps closer. Some important kitchen remodel planning tips:

1. Granite looks totally different in the granite yard from a gray day to a sunny day. Also with and without sunglasses.

2. Albert Lee is NOT the super-high-end luxury appliance place we thought it was. Rather, it is, but they sell normal stuff too, and at really reasonable prices. PLUS, our sales guy John really knows what he is doing with 25+ years in the business.

3. As anxious as we are to get started, taking lots of time to plan up front is probably saving us headaches, heartbreaks, and a big chunk of change!

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