May 13, 2009

Not much today. The weather is blah. Not much happening. My friend R called to see if I could join her for a last-minute lunch at her house–she was unexpectedly home with a sick kiddo. I went over and we had a nice chat and a really comfort-food-filled lunch–macaroni and cheese included, yikes! We had a nice chat about what a challenge it is for her to have a new baby and have no family-based support system beyond her and her husband on whom to rely for help. It’s really hard for them. Her parents would be willing to fly in to help at any time, but it seems the ensuing drama is worse than not having the extra hands on deck.

In any case it was a really nice visit, I hadn’t seen her in a while and was pleased to catch up a bit.

I did go over my WW points for the day by 3.5 (Curse you, mac & cheese!!), but that’s ok…I made some delicious and spicy lentils and rice (4-point dinner, woot!) that rounded out the non-nutritious macaroni by my calculations…I have not racked up any activity points at all–the gloomy weather really seems to have me glued to my chair. Tomorrow, perhaps?


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