May 11, 2009

Another new week…F and I decided to treat ourselves yesterday to dinner. We’ve been following our WW points carefully for weeks with the results to show for it (F down nearly 24lbs. and me 12.2). We have not really gone out to restaurants since we began WW again since restaurants are disastrous points-suckers. And of course, Mexican food as we find it here in the States is more or less the end-all-be-all of cheesy greasiness (yum!). I was having a major chips-and-salsa antojo, so we discussed our options. We got home, checked our WW Online resources, looked up the menu for Jalisco’s online, calculated our options and decided ahead of time what we’d order when we got there.


We arrived, the waitress recognized us, and we confessed we were on a diet so were going to share. She barely batted an eye, and gracefully took our shared order and minced away to look after her other diners. Our results:

12 chips (yes, we counted!) = 3 points each

Bowl (Approx 1 cup) Black Bean Soup (to share) = 1 point each

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla (to share) = 6 points each

1/4 guacamole (to share) = 1 point each

F also enjoyed a margarita, from which I took a few teeny sips. We ate slowly and enjoyed every bite, were perfectly satisfied when we were finished, and the total damage only came to 11 points for me–exactly what I had left for the day so I didn’t even go over my points allowance! Nice! Plus, at $25, it didn’t impact our “fun and entertainment” budget much, either!

It was also pretty incredible to realize that we historically have eaten TWO+ baskets of chips, PLUS a full-size entree (apiece!), PLUS rice and beans (left these off last night), PLUS a margarita (or two!), PLUS flan!!! And we wondered how we suddenly found ourselves 35 pounds overweight…?

En fin…I feel proud of us both, it was liberating somehow to be able to go out and eat something we really wanted to eat and not have it be a total disapPOINTment. (ha)


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