Padre Alberto

May 7, 2009

So Padre Alberto Cutie (coo-tee-YAY) is a young, popular Catholic priest and TV/radio personality in Miami. He has a talk show, “Hablando Claro con el Padre Alberto (‘Straight Talk with Father Alberto’),” and has written a popular book on relationships called “Ama de verdad, vive de verdad”  (‘Real life, real love’).”


Padre Alberto just got busted by the paparazzi, who shot him with his presumed girlfriend…on a crowded beach…with his hand in her bikini bottoms…in his own city where he lives and works and where everyone knows and recognizes him. The fact that Padre Alberto found a girlfriend is not the most surprising–he’s young and cute and charismatic and famous. But to flagrantly loll about right on Miami Beach seems so completely purposeful–I’m not sure what to make of it, except to believe that perhaps Padre Alberto hopes to be de-frocked and relieved of his priestly vows, an occurrence which would surely be followed by a cushy life of book deals and made-for-TV movies…Whatever the case, I howl in sheer mirth at the last sentence from a Lima-based blog regarding this matter:

Como dice mi vecina Tremebunda: “Esos que tienen la carita de sonsitos son los que tienen el “pájaro” recontra loco”.

Loosely translated: “As my neighbor Tremebunda (!) says, ‘The ones who have the faces of idiots are the ones who have extremely crazy ‘birds.'”

(‘Bird’ being slang in many Spanish-speaking countries for penis).” Hilarious.

Link from Conexion Peruana

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